Article published on INSIDE ART 25/03/2020

Hay que caminar…

Traveling as a perpetual movement, as an extension of the mind, as a luxuriant fantasy, as weaving passions.
Traveling as finding a destination, as a perdition in the unknown, as a landing place, as never finding yourself again. There are many other variations of the journey that many artists have explored, even while remaining insidefour walls.
Traveling does not only mean bodily movement, but also imaginative movement. And every time you leave or reach a destination, either real or illusory, the ticket, real or imaginary, is stamped. It is the continuous validation that allows us to give time to travel, to mark the rhythm of victories or defeats, changes or things that change or things that remain the same.
Time, however, can be expanded or narrowed according to how we live it; therefore everything becomes relative and passes through the transience of any place, any experience, any idea, any figurative birth.
In the Ak2deru Hay que caminar… exhibition in the Apocryphal Gallery, created by Mario Nalli, which opens on this occasion on Instagram on March 26, 2020 at 7 pm, curated by Mario Nalli, in collaboration with Claudia Quintieri, and the critical text by Ruggero Barberi, validation is essential and repeated.
In the exhibition we talk about traveling in its various forms, and it is as if the artist, through his different inks overwritten on contoured and printed papers, always finds the way to freeze that moment, to make it eternal and legible, or obscure and transient.
The project was born about two years ago, but only now is it developing through an ongoing search for completeness.
Eventually, the works will be about 200, while in this exhibition about thirty of them will be shown.
In addition to single pieces, the artist has created multiple modular compositions, where the module is essential for the idea of the exhibition: horizontal, vertical and square compositions.
In this project Ak2deru carries on the monosemic research that he has undertaken for over ten years. The reiteration of the same characterizing sign derives from an artistic conscience that is revealed through the monosema, from the Greek « monos », or one, and « sema », or unique sign.
There are two tracks to the creative process, running in opposite directions: the unique constant of the sign, and its perpetual variation with continuous mutations that also concern the different materials, supports, techniques and approaches for each series.
Artist multiples will then be made in limited edition and reproduced in different formats.
Finally, the exhibition will also be enriched with canvases applied on wood with acrylics and mediums, gels and liquids, belonging to previous pictorial cycles, made between 2016 and 2018. The artist is also a musical composer and his pictorial variations can recall the musical variations of rhythms, sounds, polyphonies.
In this period of global pandemic, to support art and life, the new Apocryphal Gallery, which will only be visible on Instagram, is presented to the public. The adjective apocryphal regarding the gallery means that it is « false » in a very specific direction, because it can only be used on Instagram. It is « false » because it no longer has the usual canons of actual space, while it is real because it welcomes real works of art.
It is composed of modules which can be joined together according to needs. An ideal meeting with the place occurs within it, leading to an ideal relationship with the space that the works inhabit.
All this is illusory and surreal but also persistently true. The works of the artists are small in size, but their actual dimensions cannot be made out, which leads to a sort of bewilderment. The gallery welcomes the viewer according to new perspectives typical of the virtuality that characterizes it and that leads us to experience it through new technological means, giving new points of view in relation to the place inhabited by the works.