Painting, performing, composing: my ritual practices. Iteration and variation are fundamental pillars of my work. In a process of continuous creation and destruction and oscillation between opposites, I investigate the relationship between the one and the multiplicity. A search of variety inside the unity, which regards all aspects of my work: from the morphology of the works to their dimensions, from techniques to the various materials and supports used.

The ties between music and painting, given my dual activity as a visual and sound operator, are intrinsic in all my works and in all their declinations, performances and installations included. I have been practicing Improvisation for over twenty years, experienced as an act of Presence and at the same time as a real-time composition activity, and this strongly characterizes my approach in the realization phase of each project. At the same time, a long and exhausting meditation anticipates and often plans the general direction to be undertaken.

I define my painting ‘monosemich painting’ (from the greek mónos “alone, one” and sèma “sign”) in reference to the ‘unique sign’ on which it is based: the segment of a portion of infinity, an archetype, that reverberate itself and saturate the entire surface. From this terminology comes ‘Monosema’, the title of all my visual works: I conceive the entire corpus of works as a unique and monolithic work.

Iconoclasty haunts me: a chimera, because the image, perpetually destroyed, always seems to rise again, more powerful than before. This «iconoclastic» attitude pervades many aspects of my work, and also the choice of the pseudonym I use can be considered of its derivation and an integral part of an anti-egolatry strategy. Ak2deru, my pseudonym – an alphanumeric permutation of my surname – is a pragmatic declaration of self-overcoming, self-determination, freedom and independence, and synthesises the dual essence of my production and aesthetics.